CTL Manufacturing

Supply Chain Management

The success of any business depends upon choosing the right suppliers who will deliver the goods and services it needs on time to create the products you require.

We at CTL have the necessary system in place to put together processes for managing inventory of goods and services you would otherwise receive from suppliers, including receiving shipments, verifying them and transferring them to your manufacturing.  Whether you require a total supply chain management or you have a bespoke requirement, CTL has the necessary range of inventory management tools to satisfy your individual needs.


At CTL we specialise in sourcing 'scarce' parts, negating potential obsolescence and reducing minimum order quantities. The use of comprehensive market intelligence allows us to make informed decisions on the procurement of strategically important materials to enable us to manage your supply chain seamlessly.

Material Management
Just In Time (JIT)
Kan Ban
Powerful MRP functionality
Electronic requisitioning

Material Management Strategies
Holding of strategic buffer stocks in the supply chain,
'What-if' material forecasting scenarios
Rigorous vendor qualification programmes
Vendor managed inventories

Material Management
Full traceability to supplier
Bar coding
Material forecasting
Material storage