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PLC and HMI Controlled Systems


Automation significantly speeds up the manufacturing process, and in the food processing industry, this allows high volumes to pass through a fast moving production cycle.

Such production lines need to run 24 hours a day, which is dependent on the quality, capability and reliability of the machinery.

CTL Manufacturing is a sub-contract manufacturer, specialising in the production of control solutions including box builds, back panel assemblies, switchgear enclosures and bespoke one off units, including PLC and HMI controlled systems.

“CTL has worked with major manufacturers in the food processing sector for over 30 years”, explains Steve Clarke, Product Manager at CTL, “Control systems are at the heart of production, they keep the cycle moving with efficiency and reliability which is key to confidence in the equipment and the entire supply chain.”

CTL Manufacturing offers a full range of electromechanical control systems including motor drives, programmable logic controller (PLC) units, associated switchgear and wiring, safety systems and human machine interface (HMI), for data insertion and retrieval by the operator.

Manufacturing Support
CTL Manufacturing is dedicated to offering expert guidance and solutions at every stage of the design and manufacturing process. To do this we have developed a range of support services aimed at reducing your time to market and saving you money. These include drawing support, prototyping, KANBAN, lean manufacturing, material selection assistance and more.