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New Laser Wire Markers Improve Efficiency


Alpha 3 Manufacturing has invested in two laser wire markers to support its aerospace and military cable harnessing business at CTL Manufacturing and sister company, Tekdata Interconnections.

Wire marking is crucial for information and identification after installation. Therefore, a safe and permanent method is required, which will prevent damage to the insulation and to the properties of the wire or cable. This is particularly critical for the aerospace and defence sectors where regulations are justifiably stringent due to the challenging environments.

Laser markers meet this requirement as opposed to other methods such as hot stamping which, besides being hazardous, is also inefficient. The laser markers are the CAPRIS 50-100 model, purchased from Spectrum Technologies and both systems are now fully integrated into their respective production environments.

Dave Ruther, Quality & Engineering Manager at CTL Manufacturing said; “Using a laser wire marking system as opposed to using individual wire markers benefits CTL Manufacturing by providing a more robust quality product as well as improving in the efficiency of the process. In turn this offers consistency to the customer and helps to get their product to market sooner.”