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Additional Capabilities for New Opportunities at CTL Manufacturing


CTL Manufacturing has expanded their aerospace operations to include a specialist ITAR controlled environment.

CTL Manufacturing regularly works alongside customers within the aerospace sector, developing particularly sensitive products which require secure surroundings. It is an investment which offers peace of mind to customers, knowing that their products are protected with restricted access and monitoring within CTL Manufacturing at all times.

In addition, CTL Manufacturing is also expanding its AS9100 REV C scope of approval to include design, which is expected by May 2015. Quality and Management AS9100 certifications have been awarded following previous assessments, the first of which was granted in 2011.

Carl Stephenson, General Manager at CTL Manufacturing said: “By expanding our resources and capabilities we can offer a greater range of valuable services to our customers. It will open new opportunities and allow us to assist customers through the entire process from the concept right through to final products which are ready for installation.

“In line with the new resource and expected design approval, we have provided additional training for our engineers to build upon their knowledge and skills in these relevant areas. Several successfully completed IPC620 training in cable harness inspection and quality, whilst eight others gained an NVQ qualification in Supervision and Management, as we believe in continuous improvement.”