Panel Wiring and Cabinet Wiring

As part of a total manufacturing solution, CTL provide assembly services for all 19" rack and 19" cabinet styles, from 19" rack module assemblies through to full cabinet hard wire assembly. This has long been a major part of our operation.

CTL has extensive experience in the manufacture of control panels and panel wiring, including the sub-assemblies which go with them, for example, cable assemblies, wiring looms and wiring harnesses. We can also source and procure related components such as connectors, switches, PLC controllers, timers and encoders, saving you time and effort of co-ordination and providing certifiable traceability.

Our expertise in panel wiring and cabinet wiring services extends to control panel wiring used in many different industries.  We have provided control panel wiring services to customers in marine, HVAC, security, medical and switchgear industries, and more. We include a design service where all control panels and panel wiring are manufactured to each customer’s specific requirements.

Whether it be a front panel assembly, including switches and displays, or a full harness complete with connectors, switches and fuses, you can be confident that we will provide the service, first time. Where required we will procure all piece parts necessary including metalwork, plastic, and machined products.

We embark on a program of continuous improvement and consequently are approved to ISO9001:2008.

In addition, we are accredited to AS9100 Rev C.

AS9100 is the international quality management system standard, specific to the Aircraft, Space and Defence (AS&D) industries, and also addresses civil and military aviation requirements. Aircraft and aerospace industries, including Boeing, Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney now require their suppliers to be certified to AS9100.


19" Rack Wiring

Whether your requirement is for single panel rack or multiple panel rack system we have the necessary experience behind us to deal with any requirement that you may have.

19" Cabinet Build

CTL has vast experience in cabinet build services to exact customer specifications in low and medium volumes.