Cable Harnessing and Wiring Looms

Cable looming is one of our specialities, from the very smallest loom to complex looms, we have a fully trained team to design and build your cable loom or wiring loom to your exact requirements.

Our design engineers can be brought into your project at the very start to guide you.

All current cable technologies and data transmission media can be assembled by the team.  To design your cable loom / wiring harness, we use the recognised 2D and 3D CAD packages.

Design For Manufacture

• Design support
• Prototyping
• Ship to line
• JIT, KANBAN and Lean manufacturing

Cables, Looms & Harnesses

CTL can provide a wide variety of cable harnesses and cable looms ranging from small cable assemblies to more complex harness sets.

CTL manufacturing is the solution partner of choice for many British companies working in the high-end electronics, telecom and power distribution industry. Our sales and engineering team can provide you with a tailored solution, whether you require a data cable, fibre optic or heavy duty power cable, we can help.