Box Build

As part of a total manufacturing solution, assembly of all rack and cabinet styles, from 19" rack module assemblies through to full cabinet hard wire assembly, has long been a major part of our operation.

CTL are specialists in both mechanical assembly box build and electronic assembly box build, ranging from small enclosures to more complex systems, both low and medium volume.

Our box build services are provided to specific customer requirements. We can source and procure components integral to the build e.g. switches, connectors, termination, cable markers etc. We can manufacture the cable assemblies and wiring harnesses which form part of the box build and we can also provide, machine and paint the enclosure to each customer’s specification.

Whether it be a front panel assembly, including switches and displays, or a full harness complete with connectors, switches and fuses, you can be confident that we will provide the service, first time. Where required we will procure all piece parts necessary including metalwork, plastic, and machined products.

Box Build

At CTL we can provide a full turnkey solution. With over two decades of experience in box build of finished goods you can count on our very experienced team to provide you with tailored solutions for your needs at very completive rates, whether you require board level assembly, sub-module or full product assembly. Why not give our sales team a call today to see if we can help?

High Level Assembly

We can provide custom box build solution to your requirement, whether your requirement is to control and automate a CNC machine or to install a control system for a train.  This includes procurement of all raw materials such as plastics, metalwork, PLC controls, small control unit wiring and complete panel and cubicle wiring.