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Life and Forensic Sciences

Instruments are at the core of the forensic and life science sectors; their accuracy and reliability are depended upon day after day to produce precise, verifiable data.

For over 35 years, CTL Manufacturing has worked with companies in the forensic and life science industries to provide cable harnessing, overmoulding and design services for the manufacture of scientific instrumentation, which facilitates crucial cutting-edge research in laboratories across the globe.

We take pride in being a trusted supplier in electronics manufacturing, offering high quality products with support at every stage from design to delivery. Our products are 100% tested and we work to your requirements, plus, as part of the Alpha 3 Manufacturing Ltd group, we can take advantage of the wide-ranging skills and technologies available across all four UK sites.

Cable Harnessing - Our highly skilled instrumentation team are capable of manufacturing a complete life science instrument. Currently, we manufacture a customer unit that contains no fewer than 2500 precision piece parts; all sourced/procured and managed by our team. We build the cable sub–assemblies and then go on to build the complete unit including testing, ready to ship to line at the customers' factory for final assembly and calibration prior to sale.

Overmoulding – Our overmoulding service has proved invaluable to customers who require a robust vibration, dust and/or moisture free solution to cable harnessing within sectors from commercial life sciences to aerospace, space and military.

In the past, one of our life science customers utilised our knowledge of broadcast connector design and manufacture to create a bespoke connector and overmoulded hood; ensuring their cutting-edge technology and corporate image was guaranteed to last within an exacting industrial environment.

Design Support – At CTL and across the Alpha 3 Manufacturing group, we have dedicated engineering services which take care of as much or as little of your design work as you require. We can offer full R&D support including SolidWorks drawings and technical documentation, as well as reverse engineering capabilities whilst offering technical advice and providing cost effective manufacturing solutions, working in tandem with your engineering team.

We are AS9100 REV D approved and hold UL certification for enclosure and cabinet build as well as our Group EMC testing facility.

Case Study
A Complete Cable Harness Solution for Forensic Instrumentation

A UK manufacturer of forensic science equipment selected CTL Manufacturing to supply cable harnesses for their instrumentation when their current supplier withdrew from cable harness production.

During their visit to CTL, the manufacturer was encouraged by CTL’s processes, AS9100 certification and suitability to meet their challenges. The manufacturer happily proceeded to put CTL in contact with their outgoing supplier to secure all relevant documentation and liaise during the handover.

CTL engineers then faced the challenge of converting the existing bill of materials and samples into workable manufacturing solutions. They overcame this and engaged with the customers' engineers when re-designs were required.

Design advice, drawing support and complete testing were included in the service as well as the in-house design and manufacture of test jigs; and now that the account is operating at full production, the manufacturer is taking advantage of buffer stock support and a designated Account Manager, so that communication between engineering, production and the customer is seamless.

The manufacturer praised CTL for straightforward inspection processes and high levels of customer service, overall, they are extremely happy with CTL as their new cable harness supplier.

Sarah Nixson, Account Manager at CTL Manufacturing, commented; “This project has not been without its challenges but we have enjoyed working with the team and endeavour to continue providing our high level of customer service and quality products which CTL is known for.”

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