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Pre Compliance EMC Testing

EMC testing is essential to determine a products level of compliance to product safety directives.

Compliant means that your product will function safely whilst performing as expected by your customer. The essential requirements are that any disturbance generated does not exceed the level above which other equipment cannot tolerate and also have a level of immunity to disturbances to be expected within its operating environment. In this way, there is a presumption of safety and a harmony between various manufacturers products and systems. When products that are not compliant are placed on the market, the first signs of non-compliance are nuisance problems and malfunctioning systems, which invariably lead to down-time, increasing costs and potentially hazardous situations.

Our EMC test capabilities

We can perform highly accurate EMC tests relating to both Conducted and Radiated emissions using fully-compliant cispr measuring equipment and apparatus. The capability spectrum ranges across Domestic and Industrial requirements to serving many Medical and Military applications too. Our facilities include EMC, Harmonic and Climactic apparatus to support the sale of our filter products.

EMC Testing

Conducted Emissions 9KHz to 30MHz
Radiated Emissions 30MHz to 1GHz
Power Quality Testing < 1500A @ 400V
Harmonic Levels to 40th Harmonic
Power Quality Study (EN50160)
Environmental (Internal Volume 1M2)
Temperature -50°C to +105°C
Humidity 30RH to 95RH
Advice and Guidance
Problem solving
Product selection

How we go about it

To test a product, machine or system, first we engage our customers to establish the exact requirements. Often as not, we can help you make informed decisions regarding product compliance or provide assistance in choosing the correct limits for the emissions tests. We take information regarding your device or product range and determine the simplest and most cost-effective approach and solution. We then perform the testing at our in-house test facility or if necessary use our mobile test equipment at your own site and convenience.

What reports/consultations we provide

We can provide simple print-outs of your emissions scans which show the basic test information or provide a highly detailed and meaningful test report, complete with photos, results and conclusions that you can use as further evidence of conformance to support your declaration to the necessary directives and standards.


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